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How should beauty parlour choose proper hairdressing bed?

What kind of hairdressing bed is best?What skill does beauty parlour have when choosing hairdressing bed again?As we all know, the beauty industry is now vigorously advocating differentiation, in addition to reflect the characteristics of the brand, but also to improve customer satisfaction.And hairdressing bed is the essential important tool of beauty salon, it not only concerns the service quality of beauty salon, but also affects the overall beauty salon.So, how should beauty parlour choose proper hairdressing bed?CHAOHUI

One, the specification standard of hairdressing bed

The hairdressing bed in hairdressing courtyard is a piece of very common board type bed commonly, its regular size is 190*70*65cm, why is this the standard size of hairdressing bed?The first, the specification of hairdressing bed should satisfy the requirement of consumer average height.The 2nd, the specification of hairdressing bed, want to go to the trouble of beautician service operation is the basis will make to order.Of course, the consumer demand of different administrative levels is different also, if high-end beauty parlour wants to make hairdressing bed looks atmospheric, general meeting chooses the muti-function hairdressing bed with bigger norms, also roll out all sorts of functions on market the new fund hairdressing bed of all sorts of dimensions offers a variety of choices for the businessman.

Two, the hairdressing bed of different function

Electric beauty bed.Its characteristic is feel comfortable, exquisite, the material of mattess USES high density sponge commonly, stretch force is moderate, can let a customer lie down more comfortable.In addition, electric hairdressing bed still has mediate function, can adjust bed face height according to need, back of a chair to wait.

Fumigation beauty bed.Fumigation hairdressing bed basically passes lukewarm heat stimulation, accelerate the blood of human body to circulate and the metabolism of the cell, have eliminate fatigue, eliminate nervous effect allegedly, still can hairdressing platoon poison, recuperate a few disease.

Folding beauty bed.This kind of hairdressing bed suits to come to the beauty parlour of type of service more, carry convenient, can move hairdressing bed to the customer's home.

Three, beauty bed material classification

Hairdressing bed can be divided into according to material: real wood hairdressing bed, stainless steel hairdressing bed and iron frame hairdressing bed.General beauty bed iron frame benefits, cost-effective is also relatively high;Stainless steel beauty bed relative to the iron frame to be more durable, and not easy to fade;Real wood hairdressing bed appears commonly in in high-grade hairdressing courtyard, this kind of hairdressing bed is durable sex is tall, and compare high-grade.Beauty parlor can choose and buy the beauty bed that suits a requirement according to actual need.

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